About Us

HinYard Garni Hotel is an ethnic family-run eco-village complex located at the access of Garni, a major village with around 5000 inhabitants. Located just 30 km north of the Armenian capital Yerevan, it is an idyllic hideaway and a perfect shelter to escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, the comfort and ease of the setting and the gastronomic pleasures it extends. Not so much a hotel as a family home, our hotel can truly become your home away from home, providing all the comfort and tranquility expected of a boutique hotel in the heart of the Armenian countryside.

The owner family, driven by a common desire to cherish and transfer the rich traditions of Armenian hospitality from generation to generation, has perceptibly contributed a lot of love and effort to create a snug dwelling full of cordiality, candidness and devotion. These people care for the environment, and they see their mission in promoting the historical and cultural heritage, as well as the rich culinary traditions of their homeland. It is a lovely way to enjoy the Armenian countryside.