Eco Complex

Eco Complex

When we first saw this land plot it was nothing but a lovely orchard. The falling leaves had covered the ground with a beautiful thick carpet enhanced with vivid, delightful autumn colors. It was a sheer pleasure to behold. Fallen apples were everywhere – juicy, delicious…

Today the 3200 square meter premises have two entrances, the upper gate at the backyard of the hotel building and the lower gate at the far end of the garden. The visitors that plan for longer stay at the hotel can ride in through the upper gate using the spacious outdoor parking. The lower gate comes out onto the main street with another parking lot in the front.

Through rows of apple-trees and cherries that filter the heat of the summer sun, a rustic pathway leads from the lower gate to a higher elevation, upon which the hotel building is perched. It has three floors and a basement floor with a nice wine cellar. The ten guestrooms are scattered on the three floors. The hotel has a nice terrace used for breakfasts, caterings and summer parties. In front of the terrace is the outdoor swimming pool with beach beds and big umbrellas.

Across the entire premises the architect has magically captured the essence of an old Armenian settlement. From the moment you enter the orchard through the lower gate, you feel as though transported to a small Armenian village. The scent of ripening apples, the rustic stone walls, heavy wooden gates. Here and there you can see articles of household use reminiscent of the ancient lifestyle in these places: gigantic clay jars for wine, a big butter churn, old carriage wheels, a wooden cart for hay, gazebos and covered pavilions fitted with ancient irons, sieves, bolters, pitchers, ewers and many other items, including an old functional samovar. Further up you come across a large stone fireplace for barbecue, assembled in accordance with best local traditions. Right next to the barbecue place are the summer kitchen, the lavash baking oven “tonir” and another traditional fire pit for whole-lamb barbecue.

In this home Armenia tells you its ancient story and even if you don’t speak Armenian, somehow you understand.