Eventos corporativos

Corporate events

Welcome to a world of inspiring experiences at HinYard Garni Hotel!

Our hotel and our garden are available for private hire at any season. At HinYard Garni we create inspiring events that are unique and interactive, enabling the partakers to communicate and interconnect in a congenial and easy-going environment.

Our team develops different integrated events in a creative, efficient and reliable manner. This is why this venue is an admired destination for organization of wedding and birthday parties, jubilees, family celebrations, open-air corporate events, teambuilding activities and sportive contests, Armenian folklore evenings, children’s theme parties and, surprising as it may seem, various business forums and presentations. Whatever the occasion, you can be assured that your guests will indulge in a spectacular setting, excellent service and delicious food and drinks. Whether it is for business events or family festivities, our catering team can create special menus to suit any occasion.

Seating can be arranged in the covered pavilion that accommodates around 90 guests, or else tables can set amidst of the garden, beneath the enormous tarpaulin sail to ensure protection from any unexpected weather conditions. The garden can host more than a 200 guests.