Welcome to a world of inspiring experiences at HinYard Garni Hotel!

Stone, specifically volcanic stone from nearby mountains, has been used to create the foundation for this inspiring building. The workers at the mountains were specifically instructed to find massive stones that were overgrown with moss, in order to cover the exterior of the building with bigger stones at lower levels and with smaller ones at the upper floors. This makes this picturesque building glow mildly with different tints of brown, green, orange, yellow and grey, changing its hues with every movement of the clouds and the sun.

Architects have made maximum use of natural materials like wood, stone, iron works, ceramic and earthenware supplemented by abundant interior design details like centuries-old clay bricks, heavy wood beams, a beautiful brick mantle, terracotta tiles, bespoke furniture, hand-forged iron hardware used in lanterns and door-knobs and more… every detail reminiscent of a place and time true to the old-world vernacular. The owners have invested every effort to make this place naturally wholesome and environmentally friendly.

The hotel itself is a charming stone villa with three floors and a basement that accommodates the wine cellar. As you enter you cannot miss the beautiful hand-woven crochets on the doors and windows. Each room has its own unique motive of swans, grapes, butterflies or floral patterns that make that guestroom unique and memorable. The lounge has all the charm of an early twentieth-century family home with old-fashioned sideboards and a rustic fireplace, where the family and guests love to gather to enjoy the hostess’ blend of delicious fruit and herbal teas. Alongside the fireplace you can find an amazing antiquated television set with a vinyl record player on its top. The bar provides a selection of local and imported wines and sparkling wines, whiskies, and most importantly, authentic Armenian brandy, the favorite drink of Sir Winston Churchill. At the far end of the lounge stands the reception desk.  A lovely wooden stairway leads to the bedrooms on the second and third floors.

WiFi connection is available only inside the house. And guess what? There are no TVs in the rooms, except for the large flat-screen TV in the lounge.

The hotel features a sizeable apple-tree orchard, an outdoor swimming pool, free parking, laundry and ironing facilities, bicycles rent.